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Newsletters are a standard feature of most Content Management Systems and because our Real Estate system is fundamentally founded on probably the most powerful CMS is has a newsletter plugin.  In fact there are two plugin newsletter.  One for simple newsletters the other for more robust rewuirements.  Furthermore there are several addons to each of these newletter plugins.

If you have a need for newsletters the Soft Fish Real Estate has a solution that will more than likely meet your needs.


Our application is built on a Content Management System, so any key component of CMS becomes a key option for the Soft Fish Real Estate system.  Because of the a powerful blogging component is an easily added option to the real estate system.  It naturally provides all of the features you'd expect from a mainstream CMS blogging system.  But additionally because its in the open architecture application there are many additional plugin modules that are available to augment these already functionally rich plugin module.

Google Maps

Google maps are an intrinsic component of the Soft Fish Ral Estate system.  They provide a graphical indication of location to the visitor and also provide for address validation for the agent.

Viewing Times

Viewing times of current listings are shown and include columns of interest.  Column names and their order can be changed.  Furthermore additional fields of your choosing can be added as required.   Visitors can preview listings and sort listings by clicking on column headings.